Air conditioners


Activejet Regular MKR-550B mini air cooler


Ravanson KR-1011 portable air conditioner 4 L 75 W Black, Silver, White


Adler AD7915 7 L White


Camry CR 7858a Air conditioner 3-in-1


Portable air conditioner Ravanson KR-7010 (remote control, timer, LED panel)


Activejet portable air conditioner KPS-7000APP


Portable air conditioner WHIRLPOOL PACF29CO


Whirlpool PACW212HP 64 dB dB 1.15 W White


Portable air conditioner WHIRLPOOL PACF212HP W


DeLonghi PAC N77 ECO Mobile air conditioner


De’Longhi PAC EM77 63 dB White


Electrolux EXP26U338CW 64 dB White


DeLonghi PAC N90 ECO SILENT Portable air conditioner


Mesko MS 7918 Air conditioner


G3 Ferrari Frio Digital Portable evaporative air cooler

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